• How do you select and evaluate your writers?

    In order to filter out only the best and hightly qualified writers, all our writers pass numerous stages of evaluation. Moreover, our QA Department supervises them constantly to see if they really perform their best. Thanks to our rating system and customers' feedback, we are able to indicate every writer's performance properly.

  • When will my paper be done?

    You can choose your deadline upon ordering. In case your deadline changes, we strongly recommend to tell our support team about it.

  • Do you provide revision services?

    Absolutely, we offer our client up to 2 revisions for free on all products ordered from us. You are also welcome to upload your draft and order its revision, where editing and proofreading will be also included.

  • Can I modify my order requirements?

    You can click on the “Edit” button before checkout. If you have already submitted the project and our writer has started working on your order, please contact us and discuss all changes needed.

  • Forgot your password or want to change your password?

    Please contact our support and we will be glad to assist you on that matter.

  • How fast can you write a paper?

    It depends on several factors. We take into account a preferable deadline, type of your academic paper, number of pages, etc. Only then we consider whether it is possible to finish your order in 24 hours, 4 days, or maybe 1 week.

  • How can I be sure that my future paper will not be plagiarized?

    The originality of all works is the most important criteria in this market. We are very assertive and strict about that. None of our customers has ever received the unqualified and unoriginal paper. It is simply impossible. We are very careful and serious in this matter. Every paper is unique and new.

  • Is this service confidential?

    We guarantee 100% confidentiality. We do not share any your personal information. However, we have no control over your personal conversation with our writer. We guarantee, that no personal info will be disclosed, unless you tell it to your writer in your chat directly.

  • How to connect with my writer?

    To keep the privacy rules on the highest level, we limited the means of communication between clients and writers. The only way you can connect with your writer is your personal order page, where you can chat online in real time. This is absolutely fast and convenient.

  • Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, we do. You can check details on our Money back policy page

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